At BWS We focus on an entire Estate Plan Not Just a Express Living Trust or a Will

Here at BWS, We understand that you need more than just a will or a living trust. That is why we only focus on comprehensive estate plans that include:
An Introduction and Overview that details and summarizes your trust-based estate plan.

  • A Living Trust, Pour-Over Will that transfers any assets that you do not transfer into your trust during your lifetime.
  • Personal Property Memorandum that specifically outlines to whom your specific personal effects are distributed upon your death. Specific Funding Instructions that will explain how to transfer your assets to your revocable/irrevocable trust so that they will avoid probate. A healthcare Power of Attorney,
  • A Living Will,Durable or Financial Power of Attorney.
  • As well as a A Certificate of Trust That streamlines the process when a financial institution or others in the event they request a copy of your Irrevocable Living Trust. This keeps the personal and financial information that is contained in the trust private.