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Meet:  Dr. AL. Blue Sr.

Senior Partner/ Author/ Wealth Building Specialist/ Speaker.

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Dr. A.L. Blue, CEO/Senior Partner of Blue Wealth Solutions Inc. A Better Life Financial Empowerment, Wealth Building & Educational Company focused on true Wealth Creation and Asset Accumulation in Precious Metals as well as Estate Planning and Protection.

Our company caters its financial solutions in four divisions: Education, Assets, Economics & Legacy. Our dedicated team of representatives provide proven opportunities, mostly towards people looking to create, build and protect their wealth for generational change and inheritance. we call it "Easy wealth Creation" for we do it all for you while educating you in the process!

Beyond being a Financial Evangelist, I operate in the official Business/Marketplace capacity as a Wealth Building Specialist (WBS™️)  Estate & Trust Specialist (CES™️) and a Income Specialist/Strategist (CIS™️) these are Financial Designations that has positioned me to be able to assist you and your family in creating Generational Wealth through Faith Based Wealth Creation.

The hard work and dedication Dr.Blue and his team has exhibited in his many years of operating in the wealth building industry has position him to work with families with nominal finances to families and persons of great affluence and wealth. His ability to make wealth creation easy has made this company a go to company for anyone desiring to build real wealth in tangible assets for generational wealth.


Dr.Blue is Also a member of the international precious metals institute. with over 600 members world-wide, IPMI is the preeminent trade association for the precious metals industry. 

BWS mission is to help clients discover their path toward wealth and financial freedom all while building generational wealth improving their financial intelligence . The company currently serves families nationwide with clients in multiple states with a growing team of wealth building consultants and asset accumulation specialist.

Meet:  Latonya Esskuchen.

Credit Enhancement Specialist/ Credit worthiness trainer.


Latonya E. Credit Enhancement Specialist

Latonya E. Leads  within Blue wealth solutions consolidated "economics division" and is focused on assisting our clients achieve the level of freedom available to those who understand the importance of good credit, eliminating high interest rates and missed opportunities all because of credit ignorance and lack of understanding.

 working with our credit enhancement service you will learn that credit is a secret tool of the wealthy and financial elite to create generational wealth using the power of credit leveraging.

Latonya achievements and qualifications include:

 a trained certified credit specialist, with a focus on advance disputing.

Within the credit enhancement arena, she has been trained in cyber security recognizing and avoiding  threats, privacy policy, instant messaging and data privacy essentials with an emphasis of digital distribution.

Latonya and her team are excited at the opportunity to serve you in your wealth building journey assisting you while improving your credit and  credit leverage opportunities.  she continue it amaze our clients with her steadfastness in seeing that each client achieves the credit level and worthiness of going from very poor to extraordinary credit enhancement.

The Leadership here at BWSC, LLC. are so excited to have her onboard and her and her team working with you.

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