The assets division along with Dr. Blue’s team and guidance, aims to provide reliable access for generational wealth creation through teaching, and access of tangible assets that will serve as the corner stone for generational wealth creation.

  • Our mission of this division is to educate as well as empower clients and students with the strategies and stages of asset accumulation for generational creation.

How Do I Become a Client?

In order to become a Client of BWSC,LLC. and order shipment of gold or silver bullion, a prospective Client is invited to first complete a Client Register form. This secure electronic form seeks to gather important information about an applicant.

Once approved, a client will have entry to our platform and can begin to placing order for Bullion Bars or Bullion rounds.

The Bespoke Experience

Whether you are Buying Precious Metals like gold, silver, platinum, or palladium, discerning wealth builders rely on BWSC,LLC. We, at BWSC LLC, are specialist in precious metals, making us the best resource for buying and selling bullion bars and coins. With our extensive experience and vast network, your every transaction will be treated with the highest care and confidentiality while meeting the highest standards and your precise requirements.

As precious metals specialists , We break down every step and guide every client through the buying process. Our pricing is competitive and fully transparent – you will see where we base our prices on the metal’s spot price and on what service charges. There are no hidden fees or surprise added fees after the fact. We operate by a flat fee service

Why Bullion Gold /Silver?

Bullion coinage has been the possession of conservative thinkers for the last 2,500 years, but in order for gold and silver coins to enjoy maximum benefit to their owner and preferred acceptance in the market place, they should possess 6 features.

1. The coin must be your property ( Some government issued coins are not)

2. It must display a designated weight (grams or troy ounces are preferred)

3. It should state a determined purity (preferably pure gold, pure silver or a mixture of these two metals)

4. The coin should have a milled edge (to deter “scraping”)

5. They should be minted in small denominations of weight (no bigger than 1 troy ounce or 31 grams however small denominations are also available)

6. The coins should be internationally recognized (Via a reputable hallmark or trademark)

Gold and Silver coins generally trade at a margin over the spot price of their respective bullion content. Although “spot price” is determined in effect by a continuous international “auction” as the world turns, four additional costs can arise that potentially add to the margin over spot of any given coin. They are the “refining fee” charged by the refinery who provide the granules or bars of gold or silver, the cost of creating the coin (artwork, dies, striking), the cost of transporting the coin from Mint to market, and the reward to the coordinator who advocates and facilitates the coins entry into circulation.

Ultimately though, all the above “considerations” find common ground in the melting pot of the open market, which alone will conclude the acceptable margin above or around the spot price of gold or silver for any open exchange bullion coin that dares to volunteer its service.

Savings / Investment

Bullion in any physical form demands a margin over spot price so, when investing in gold or silver it is often important to purchase precious metal at the least possible margin over spot price and give consideration to any additional costs. With this in mind, generally one would purchase what is called a London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) "London Good Delivery Bar”, or a bar of similar accredited industry standard. These LBMA bars are either a 400 troy ounce gold bar with a minimum purity of 995 (that is 995 parts in 1,000 are pure gold), or a 1,000 troy ounce silver bar, with a purity of 999. In addition to these LBMA bars, the one kilo gold bar of 999.9 purity should be considered as it is the most traded gold bar in the world.

Note: although smaller bars, bullion coins and other forms of bullion also serve as investment, the margins over spot price are generally higher due to additional labour and tooling costs.

The refinery production of a bar of gold or silver is done to exacting specifications, and the cost is calculated and quoted as a margin over spot price. For the three bars referred here, the margins are extremely low. These bars can be purchased from Exchanges and refineries at competitive cost, which allows our clients to enter the bullion market on the same footing as the big players in the industry. As some of these bars are big, heavy and extremely valuable, investors often prefer to have their bars held in secure vaulting facilities in close proximity to a refinery or bullion market and obtain a warehouse receipt or certificate as proof of their purchase. In due course investors then trade these bars off when the market favors their position. however in times of great demand for these metals, a premium over spot is not unusual. Because investors takes possession of these bars, sometimes there may be additional expenses including high shipping costs, multiple handling fees and transit insurance, therefore affording the investor opportunity to maximize profit with quality metals.

BWSC, LLC. provides this Bullion Bar acquisition service to its clients, and only acquires gold and silver bars for its clients that are manufactured to LBMA standards.

Clearly, if one is buying gold or silver as an investment, then the BWSC, LLC. Bullion Bar acquisition system offers the preferred form of bullion for its clients, however to many, the cost of purchasing a full bar of gold or silver may be out of reach. This is where the BWSC,LLC. Part-Bar program is superb. giving your access to fractional Gold and silver bullion for your storage and protection.

Both the BWSC, LLC. Bullion Bar and Part-Bar acquisition programs are second to none, and possibly the market leader on low, one time fee for private bullion acquisition and secure storage solutions.

There is much talk today about gold and silver being profitable investments and to the savvy investor this is clearly a reality, however if investment is the only purpose one has for gold and silver, then many of their greatest attributes and values have been overlooked. and our company exist to assist our client in the Process of building real wealth with God's money Gold and Silver. because he created it and it has been real money for over 5,000+ years and you can now participate in the acquisition and protection of real wealth as the generational wealthy has done for generations.Its your time and turn. and we can help!

Click the button below and please fill our client registration form and one of our asset accumulation specialist will contact you to assist in your position in real wealth creation!

This secure electronic form seeks to gather important information about you as an applicant. Once approved, you as a client will have entry to our platform and can begin to placing order for Bullion Bars or Bullion rounds and precious metals education.

"If you don’t come from a wealthy family, then a wealthy family needs to come from YOU!"

- Dr.AL. Blue, Wealth Building Specialist

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