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Difference Between Express Living Trust vs. Will

A Private Express living trust, once signed, notarized, and funded, is a legally binding document that guarantees your plan for your estate will be executed as you wish.
This is the confidence that a will cannot provide because, even though it is a legal document, it is subject to probate, where it is scrutinized and can be threatened.

A will does only 2 things:

  1. Distributes your assets to family and loved ones.
  2. Appoints a guardian for your minor children.

How ever when combine with a trust it becomes a strategy of true wealth protection..

Heres How It All Works!

Once you decide that an express living trust is the right option for you, we ask that you complete a questionnaire to tell us a little about yourself and your situation. After we receive your completed questionnaire, our estate planning specialist will contact you to schedule a teleconference to discuss your estate plan.
During the teleconference, your estate planning specialist will ask questions regarding how your estate will be distributed to your heirs, who will control this distribution, if you want to compensate your successor trustee, etc. You have the ability to customize your estate plan in many different ways. At BWS Consolidated, we believe there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to estate planning.
B.W.S can also assist you in deed transfer of your personal residence into your trust so that all of your assets are owned in one place protected by multiple trust for supreme protection. Once these steps have been completed, you will not need any more intervention from our wealth protection team – you have full control of your trust and after, your passing or incapacitation, your trustee will handle the distribution of your assets. Of course, we will still be here to assist you with questions or changes that need to be made.
Once you have received your Express living trust documents, it is important to execute your documents as soon as possible, meaning you must sign your trust and have it notarized to make it legal. We will assist you with funding your trust and can prepare any amendments you need if something changes.

Leave a Legacy with accuracy!

The estate planning alternative to avoid the hassle & cost of probate. leaving a Legacy with accuracy!