What's a Wealth Evangelist ?

As a Wealth Evangelist , my divine assignment is to help & assist the body of Christ understand the role of wealth & abundance within the life of the believer, their salvation all in conjunction with kingdom building!

My assignment is no different then a healing evangelist or a revivalist, just like each of these positions and Gifts, my primary focus is that the lost is saved through Jesus Christ!

No exceptions! However the focus is then exemplified on living the God kind of life(salvation) and the God quality of life ( Abundant living) all for kingdom building & establishment.

Are you an Ordained Minister?

Yes I am duly ordained, ordained as a pastor through a well established denomination and ordained as a financial evangelist by a true a general in the faith & spiritual Father to many!

Bishop Milton Perry , a Spiritual father with over 64 years of Gospel ministry serving as a Spiritual mentor to well known Pastors & leaders ,celebrities, entertainers, and great people of influence! Known in the 50’s as a wonder boy preacher out of New York city in the 70’s as an apostle planting multiple churches nationwide and around the world as well as Spiritually overseeing presiding bishops of well known organizations & fellowships.

It’s under his covering and mentorship that I develop the passion and focus as well as integrity to serve the body of Christ as a Financial Evangelist freeing Gods people and releasing the captives that are captive financially.

What qualifies you to be Wealth Evangelist?

My market place profession is that of a Wealth Building Specialist, Certified Estate Specialist and Certified Income Specialist. in which i am very instrumental in assisting individuals in the process and practices of the generationally wealthy through the obtaining Gold & Silver precious metals protecting their hard earn wealth from inflation that leads to poverty.

I have been mentored by the best, very successful and wealthy business owners such as Bullionaire Phil Judge, bullion banker to the financial elite & founder of Anglo far-east. worlds finest Bullion custodial company and Multi-Millionaire Bill Rowell, Current president of Utopian Global, The Worlds first Gold & silver distributing program. In which working with these business owners I was able to understand true financial freedom in my very own life. Now I work with anyone and every one in building and creating wealth no matter where they are financially. And I also train and empower audiences nationwide through empowerment programs seminars, & workshops. Blue Wealth Solutions Consolidated LLC. As well as Better Life movement inc a para church organization.

Do you have a program that can assist people in generating income, or Job placement, hiring etc?

Yes our company has strategic relationships & partnerships with income opportunity programs, that teaches, trains & empower individuals in the skills of entrepreneurship . With our program we’re able to position the participant to be financially blessed, build a business and support the Ministry or organization their apart of with excitement & ease! Participants are also mentored by very successful business owners and financial well off teachers most with a net worth of $1 million or more.

Are your Trainings/ Seminars/ Workshops Biblically based?

All of our programs for Church organizations are Biblically based with principles taught from The Word of God on proper money management and multiplication for the believer and business owner. We also have principle driven seminars and teaching sessions for market place organizations as well. Be it a company, business, or community organizations.

Our Church is struggling how do you plan to change and assist our congregation or organization members financially?

Our company & ministry seeks to accomplish this task through creating a economic empowerment team, within your organization & Ministry whose sole purpose is to finance your vision of Kingdom building. From the success & financial empowerment of this team this auxiliary ministry will be unique to your ministry and vision. You and your leadership staff will have a in house financing team committed to your vision & Church Focus.

My Ministry can not afford to bring in outside people in to train our congregation Can you still help us?

Yes! Our ministry & company will work with you on setting this seminar, call us and we can give you options in which will greatly benefit your church. In a win/win situation outside of our standard fee! We also have free training programs for your church and or organizations alike.

Blue Wealth Solutions is a Proud member of the International Precious Metals Institute IPMI.